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About Danielle Fernandez: A Modern Renaissance Woman in Finance, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

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The Early Days: A Love for Art and Numbers

Growing up in Iowa, I was equally fascinated by the world of colors and the logic of numbers. From childhood crafts to adult endeavors, the arts have been my constant companion. This dual passion guided me to a degree in Finance and a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Iowa.


A Zazzle Pro Designer and Data Guru

Starting with custom invitations and special occasion announcements, I naturally progressed to designing on Zazzle. After taking a transformative course on making money on Zazzle—which I am now an affiliate for and highly recommend—I emerged as a Zazzle Pro Designer. I then applied my finance skills to create a must-have Excel workbook, "Zazzle Designer Earnings Analytics," which is available for instant download here.


Branching Out: Etsy and Samsung Frame TV Art

Not one to be confined to a single platform, I've also branched out with an Etsy store. Specializing in art for Samsung Frame TVs, my designs offer a touch of elegance to modern smart homes.


Book Publishing and Amazon Ads Expertise

Having authored children’s books and designed innovative, AI-generated coloring books, my current focus is honing Amazon ads to optimize book sales and expand my reach.

What I Offer

If you're here, it's likely you're interested in one of four things: buying one of my books, getting a custom design on Zazzle, seeking a unique art piece for your Samsung Frame TV, or resources for Zazzle affiliates and designers

Let's Connect
I invite you to explore my diverse offerings and consider how they can add value to your life. Whether you're a parent, a fellow creative, or someone simply interested in unique, high-quality products, you're in the right place.

Where the Journey Leads

I am Danielle Fernandez—mother, author, designer, and entrepreneur, constantly at the intersection of creativity and business. My journey is an open book, with many more chapters to write. Whether you're new to my world or have been a part of it, I invite you to continue this exciting adventure with me.

Feel free to explore my website and let my creations add a splash of magic and practicality to your life.

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