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Zazzle Designer Elke Clarke Course

If you are selling on Zazzle, want to know how to Zazzle, or are already a Zazzle Designer, the Elke Clarke Zazzle Course "5 Step Profit Plan" is something you should know about. In the course, Elke teaches you how important it is to analyze your Zazzle earnings so that you can make more money online. For the past 6 years, she has made over 100+K each year on Zazzle. Using her complete, easy-to-use, proven profit plan, I have achieved Zazzle Bronze ProSeller status (so far!)

Zazzle Designer Earnings Analytics Danielle Fernandez

I have used my background in finance to create a Microsoft Excel based tool that takes all of the work out of analyzing Zazzle royalties, referrals, and earnings. It is a strategic companion tool to Elke's Courses. Today, I'm going to show you week by week, module by module of Elke's course, how you can use the Zazzle Designer Earnings Analytics Tool to fly through the analysis parts of the course. You can even try the tool for FREE for one week to see if you like it!

Simply follow the instructions in the tool and then begin your analysis below for the course.

Module 1, Lesson 3 : Set Up The Tracking Tools for Your Goal Using Your Previous Zazzle Results

Goals & Monthly Assessment

In the "Input Your Forecast Here" tab in the tool, you are instructed to enter your forecasted Referrals as % of Earnings in the corresponding column.

Enter your Total Earnings Forecast in the corresponding column.

The tool then calculates exactly how much in Royalties and Referrals you need to make f